Sunday, March 06, 2005


Good weather = Good ride

Well the good news is it was over 65 degrees today. The bad news it was windy as heck.
Started with a 60 minute ride on the trainer to get warmed up. Then went riding in the Hudson and Waterloo area. 20 miles of riding in 100 minutes. Not too impressive but I pushed a lot of wind. I also mixed in two 15 minute trail runs for a total work out time of 3 hours 10 minutes.
Ave heart rate at 142 bpm. It was a good time and sooooo nice to get outside. Not me mention I was pretty muddy which always makes a guy smile.

To change gears, no baby yet but Katie has had pretty regular contractions all afternoon. Wouldn't suprise me if we go to the hospital in the 24 hours! Yea!!!

That's all for now.

Ed out

Time to start thinking baby names. How about bike related names? Such as...
Fartlek Slade
Randonnee Slade
Ferrule Slade
SID Slade
Fred Slade
Swag Slade
Ergo Slade
Giant Slade
Balaclava Slade

Just thoughts. :-)
Colnago Slade
Pinarello Slade
Singlespeed Slade - Just like dad
Singletrack Slade
Trigeek Slade
Lil' Dirtram Slade - hahaha that's a good one
Slingshot Slade
Enduro Slade
Gunnar Slade
Magnus Slade
Pedros Slade
Hoo Koo E. Slade
Java Slade
Dura Slade
Veloce Slade (for Ted)
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