Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Other Duties...

Well, this mornings workout was foiled by a drunken bastard. Can't give too many details but, the pager went off at 4:45am for a 1050 personal injury. Head on collision, a drunk guy crossed the center line at over 50mph, hit another car head on, and then drove off. Cops caught him, hope he gets a major fine and can be bubba's bitch for a few weeks. Kids, DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!
So, no training details. I do have a question in regards to heart rates. Mine seems low, is that good or bad?
Example. Road ride at 20mph my HR will be around 130-140bpm. Yet my riding partner may be around 155-160bpm. And we would both have the same preceived rate of exertion. What' up with that?
During a race I know I'm in trouble around 165-170bpm. Seems like many people train hard well above that number.
Am I not pushing hard enough?? Right now I'll drop at 175bpm. Is this something I need to work on? Being able to push longer at a higher heart rate?

Here are a couple of links my Triathlete ragein' cousin sent me for audio during training.
Endurance Radio

Active Radio

Ed out!

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