Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Quick and dirty....

I'm talking about my workout fooos!! On the trainer for an hour last night doing some short interval work. 20 warm up then 7x2 min intervals with a 1 minute rest followed up by 20 min of recovery. Got the heart rate up above 160bpm. Yea!! I'm still working on pushing that max heart rate up up and away. With my new schedule, or lack of schedule, I'm aiming for quality training, not a lot of time for quantity. We'll have to see how that pans out for Trans-Iowa, I can already feel the pain.
My race schedule will also be changing due to the training time that now looks to be available.
Everyone said a child changes everything and they were right. Overnight your world changes, for the better, it just takes some adjustment time. I wouldn't trade her for the world!!
Also, it looks like half the single people I know are getting married and they are doing it on race days, that is so selfish ; - ) So, no Xterra this year (sorry Dirtram) and no 1/2 Ironman. Sprint distance only. I should have a fair amount of time to train for Sprint and be competitive. I'm looking for top 4 age group at every event.
Props to the Iowa Triathlon Team for hosting a race this year. It will be a sprint distance tri in Coralville on September 18th. I will be there!! Next step is off road tri at Sugar Bottom, hint hint.
That's enough for now, better get some work done.

160 max heartrate? Dude! I had to quit wearing my monitor because I got tired of it never going BELOW 160!!! Let's talk when you start see'n 180's, okay?
Papa Ed,
you're killing me w/ the no xterra, but i'll try and have a good race anyway. good to hear the transition to parent is progressing nicely.
switching gears, do you need any running shorts and tri clothes? i got my order from Zoot in and need a little room in the gear bag.
Dude, I'm bummed out with no Xterra also. It's going to be a very busy summer in several aspects. So, you heading south for any events?? I'm good on gear, got lots of Zoot training gear over the winter on discount. Are you doing Midwest champs or Afton??
Hey Jeff

Left comment about Fri and Sat ride, email me to get things set up if you want to join
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