Thursday, March 31, 2005


Snoop Dog says.....

It's breezey out for shizzle. Lot's of wind today in the cedar valley area after last nights rain. Foiled some training plans but not too bad. Took the Ploder to the glass shop this morning to have the rear window replaced. Good thing insurance is covering that one.
Kerkove informed me the GU products are in for Trans-Iowa, ummmmm GUUUUU. (use your homer simpson voice)
Finished up some minor details on the Trek 11-oh last night, hopefully do my Hudson Crazy Crit workout on it tonight.
Be sure to hit Europa this weekend for all the crazy deals.
Anyone up for early, early Saturday morning ride? Like 6:00am, that way the Europa boys can't use work at 8:00am as an excuse for not riding! My plan is ride the GW trail system, Lookout Park, Euro Crit...... you know just ride around and have some fun!


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