Monday, March 28, 2005


Sunday Ride... Up, Down, Repeat!

Hill 1
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Here is a little photo journal of my ride from Sunday. What a fantastic day to get out. I headed out for 2:45 and hit a little bit of everything.
Total mileage of 42.52, 15.9mph ave, and an ave HR of 141bpm.
I started out heading west from Hudson on the gravel catching all the rocks and hills I could find, neither were hard to find!! Then found the hardtop that leads to Dike and did the traditional Dike to CF ride coming in by Birdsal Park. Rode through town and then took the trail back home.
I didn't catch the milage that JK and the Jackal did over the weekend but my saddle time felt really, really good. Live to tell about Trans-Iowa and it's on for Tri season. Into the wind on the MTB I was pushing more speed than I did last year on the Tri bike, That's a good sign!
Enjoy the pics and I hope everyone rides to work this week, weather looks great!

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