Monday, March 21, 2005


Weekend full of riding!

I had a pretty good weeked. Rode the trainer on Saturday for 1.5 hours before my fatherly duties took over, but that's cool. Sunday was a nice mild calm day so I rode the gravel to my in-laws in Dysart. 31.28miles.... and the last 4 were OUCH!!! If anyone is reading this and doing Trans-Iowa listen up.
Rule #1 - If you have Full suspension RIDE IT!!! (Carlos)

Rule #2 - I know you have heard this but expect anything.
In just my little 30 mile ride I had 8mph climbs followed by 28mph downhills. Smooth rolling gravel, Level B crap dirt, washboards, and the last 4 miles were freshly graded rock. NO lines to be had. I was shaken to the core, legs on fire at only 10mph. I wanted to cry, ok not really but it hurt.
So, Trans-Iowa will be a hell of a ride.
Tip of the day = Rolling pin!! Yes, the perfect little message tool located in you kitchen. Roll that baby up and down those hurting quads and you'll be like new come morning!

Ed out!

Yaaay! Someone GETS it!!! Just what we have been saying all along! They don't call it a "gravel grinder" for nuthin'! Can you imagine showing up to the start line on a cyclo-cross rig? You will see it. Promise not to laugh too hard at them, okay?
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