Friday, March 18, 2005


Why ya gotta be that way???

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I'll let this be a product review of sorts. For the past two years I have been trying to find that solid food I could eat while riding the bike. Cliff bars are my favorite and far better tasting than Power Bars. However, I still had a hard time eating them while riding. I have had an eye on the Luna bar for some time but always passed because it is "women specific." Well, this week I finally said, "the hell with it" and bought some Lemonzest Luna bars. Damn it Cliff, why you holding the good stuff for the chicks!!!! These things taste awsome! I have decided to suck it up and yes, eat women specific food. I just hope I don't start to be more sensitive and grow man boobs!

Ed out!

I eat Luna bars and I don't have man-boobs.
Actually, the correct terminology is "moobs". Less "sensitive" types use the "man-boob" terminology- besides, that takes more keystrokes! Conserve energy! Guitar Ted- Gnome-meister!!
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