Friday, April 01, 2005


Ahhhh, Friday

End of the week is here. No more work, all play for 2-1/2 days. The 1/2 comes from Friday afternoon cause I'm a gonna go riding. (say that with your best nascar voice) Anyone that wants to explore the new single track I discovered let me know. I'll be at the trail head no later than 5:00pm tonight. Ted, JK, Jackal, JY.........Does JY have a MTB??

Took the Ranger to the glass shop this morning to finally get the windshield fixed. Since I had to fix the Ploder I scheduled the Ranger too. Rode to work from there, 5.75miles of fresh 34 degree air. AHHHHHH. Crazy how Tuesday at 6:00am it was 52, and today it was 34!!

Last thing..... Tomorrow morning 6:00am ride meeting at the parking lot at the bottom of Lookout Hill. Bring layers and prepare to sweat and shed!!!! There will be carnage everywhere!! Plan on a little bit of everything... Warm up, hill repeats, sprints, spinning.... whatever, It will be good time, so SHOW UP!!! Oh yea, bike of choice shall be Road/Tri.
Bring your MTB if you really want to suffer. Or if your name is Jeff Kerkove so the rest of us can keep up.

Have a wonderful Friday!!

Hey Jeff

Been getting up early so much this week I plan to sleep in a bit Saturday. However, Jeff K, my self and possibly some others plan to meet at 9am behind Bike Tech. If you’re up to it after your 6am carnage session swing by on your road bike and join us.

Do have a fat tire, will join you guys on the trails sometime later in the year.

Whoops! Didn't see this until 9:53pm.! My bad! Hope recon went well. I'll have to find out what you thought! Good luck on the Saturday ride! I have my own nutty plan that you will hear about later! OUT!
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