Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Before the Big Event

Well, just a few days till Trans-Iowa. I feel that I am ready. It's not a x-country race, it's a marathon. Nice steady pace and try to keep your mind off of 300 miles in one day. I hope that the Jackal and I can ride together for the event. It will be much easier on the mind.
I plan on easy spinning days the rest of the week, just enough to keep the body familiar with the bike. I have some cleaning and set up things to do on the Rockhopper Wednesday night and then everything will be set. Nothing else going on, it is raining today but Saturday and Sunday should be ok.

Ed out.

Best of luck you Jeff and all the other racers - stay safe.
Bring your "footie pajamas" to the party, cause it's gonna be COLD! Saturday night down below freezing with 20mph NorthWest winds, and a WINDCHILL of 17 degrees. Maybe I'll build a few fires for you all!
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