Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Bike to Work Coming up!

Reminder - Bike To Work Week is right around the corner!! May 14-20!!We all know that the earth is suffering from a variety of stresses, including that put on the air by the constant use of automobiles as a growing population drives everywhere they go. By using bicycles wherever possible, it we can reduce the energy consumption of the country and thus the amount of strain that is put on the system of energy and supply. Perhaps the idea of riding a bike to work never really occurred to you. Perhaps the road you drive on seems very hostile and inhospitable to bike riders. There are bike maps of most towns available which can point out alternative routes to the worst words. Also, a little weekend experimentation can yield some good results. Get out on your bike and ride aroud randomly, exploring different ways out from where you live. Riding your bicycle takes more time than driving in a car, but it can actually be more efficient over short distances when the hassle and expense of parking is considered. With a bicycle, almost always there is a convenient post to lock up to. With bicycle commuting, the biggest excuse against it is simply the amount of work that it is. It does take some effort to ride to work, but that effort is paid off in a variety of ways, beyond just the benefit of transformation. Increased health, relaxation and alertness are just some of the benefits that come from taking joy in the natural process of travelling by your own power - literally. Figuring out your route is the most important part of bicycle commuting, but after that you have a few other things to decide on. Depending on the weather and how far you have to ride, you might need to plan on time at work to change into your work clothes before beginning your day. Carrying a good book can be helpful. Perhaps it is possible to find an employee lounge or otherwise out of the way area where one can cool off and prepare to change into work clothes. It may seem unusual to ride a bike to work, but it is a viable transportation alternative, and in this day and age, it is a noble one. If you have a short distance only to travel to work each day, you may want to consider bicycle commuting. You can avoid the hassle and expense of driving and parking cars and get to work on time and feeling fine. Considering the health and ease of bicycle commuting, not to mention it's affordabilty, isn't it time that you got yourself a bicycle?

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