Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Blogger's server sucks!

Here is the short version of my post from earlier today that Blogger's server booted!

AM workout - 12 miles on the bike to work, 1.20 mile run around Prarrie Lakes.

PM workout - Hot laps around Prarrie Lakes and/or Greenbelt single track. Anyone care to join in????? Rebel against the group road ride!! Just kiddin'.

This Weekend - MTB century ride starting early am. Route to be determined. Any takers?

Ride on Saturday? If I get my light, how about a night ride to CR and back on the Nature Trail after the Jakal gets of work? Got ge the body used to not shutting down at dark.
That would be fantastic but Katie is going to Miss Sigon @ UNI. I'm on Ainsley patrol all night.
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