Saturday, April 09, 2005


Saturday Ride Report

Met up with Carlos this morning at 6:00am, I was on time today. We rode all around the GW, Hartman, and Blackhawk park trails. Temps were in the Mid 40's so it didn't take long to start taking layers of clothing off. Carl and I rode 28.8 miles together including paved, gravel and single track. FYI the single track in GW is in really nice shape. Most impressive part of the ride was Carlos's balls out big pull into the wind. Dude just put his head down and hammered into the wind with me sucking his tire. It pretty much saved me a the time cause my tank was on empty.

After Carl headed off to work I rode a little bit more of everything. Some hill repeats, Euro Crit, and various trails in the parks. By 9:00 the trails were full of cyclist's not wearing helments, dogs not on a leash, roller-blader's in the middle of the trail wearing head-phones, and walker's on the left that freak when you want to pass on the left. Get a clue people, run right, ride right, walk right, roller-blade right.

I racked up 65 miles in 4-1/2 hours. Didn't get my 100 miles but I am happy with the saddle time. No leg pain tonight, I'm very happy about that. 2 weeks till Trans-Iowa.

Ed out!

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