Thursday, April 14, 2005


She's a Brick,,(da da daa dat) House!

Just for you Ted!!! As you may have guessed I headed out last night for a little dirt trail brick action. My favorite!!! Things went very well other than a flat rear tire, but I was prepared, so no problems. My mile times on a twisting turning off balance trail were around 7:10 with the heart rate at 152-155 range. That is exciting news after being on the bike for 45 min and turning low 7's on the trail this early in the season. Low 6's are just around the bend. I can't wait to lay down the hurt on my first Tri.

Not much else going on. Looking like a Saturday night ride to CR on the Nature Trail for all that are interested.

You tri geeks, oh so fah-nee! Looks like Mr. 24 would rather you all suffer in the dark on gravel. Sounds like Carlos will be in tow. Have you tried out that Terry saddle yet? Are you gonna get the hook up from dirtram on the sweet steel? DO IT!!!
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