Sunday, April 17, 2005


Taste the Gravel

Dirty Bike 001
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Mr.24 and I headed out for some sloppy night time fun last night. (that would have meant something totally different 7 years ago) Anyway, 50 mile Trans Iowa test ride and man was it a good thing we went. I'm making some major changes to my ride, like adding fenders!! Holy crap, can you even see the front der clamp?? It rained all day and then off and on for the first 20 miles of the evening. This made for some major slop. Attn: people that wear contacts. Get some cheap ass clear glasses AND bring eye drops, I had crap in my eys all night. The Cateye HL-500's rocked out lighting our way and the 400 makes a great helmet mounted light. Jeff called in a pack of dogs that gave us a good 30 second sprint. THANKS JEFF!
All in all it was very educational and lots of fun. Except for the super creepy house Just outside of P-burg. Still freaks me out. Legs feel great this morning. If anyone wants any tips from last night just comment on this post. See y'all later.

I am racing trans-iowa and am deciding whether to ride full suspension Specialized Epic or hardtail Specialized stumpjumper. What do you think?
I say go with the Epic. Get the benefits of a hardtail, but yet be able to fall back on the full suspension on the nasty rough roads. Better to be safe than sorry!
EPIC!!! I'm rolling full rigid but that's my problem!
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