Monday, April 11, 2005


Trail / Adventure Run

/walk/hike/ whatever the heck else I wanted to do. I set off for a 30 min run last night that turned into 1-1/2 hours. Why does that happen??? I honestly think anything under an hour is boring. Is this an endurance athlete curse? I headed out to catch some of the ATV trails behind the golf course and ended up quite a ways outside of town. The trail was in good shape and I was enjoying myself so my mind started to wander. "There is a lot of room in here, I could easily build a fun little loop." So I ran, and walked, and explored and came to the conclusion that I would add in a loop to this section by the end of spring. I still have hopes of getting trail from Hudson to Waterloo all off road. I think the land is there, it will just take time to make the trails.

I would also like to get a little group together to run the trails on the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month. Maybe run the trail on the 2nd Monday and do a time trial on the 4th Monday.
That would let me change the location every month. Charge $3-$5 for the time trial and use the money for trail expansion and maintance. Also to start up the Cedar Valley Multi Sport club I would like to get going. Any thoughts or people I could contact? I think there is a Cedar Valley running club and the Panther Pacers.

That's all for now.

Ed out!

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