Monday, April 04, 2005


The Weekend Review.

Lot's to catch up on so here we go.
Friday after work I did some recon on a trail system I thought I had found. It was a bust. There are some ATV trails on the West side of Blackhawk Creek between Waterloo and Hudson, the hope was they connected to eachother and made a nice little system. Well, they did not. That's the bad news, good news is there is plenty of room to build such a trail system, if only I had the time!
Saturday was off too a bad start when I over-slept my 6:00am ride with the Jackal. Got there about 6:15, he already had 5 hill repeats and 9 miles in, Damn it!! We then rode around for 23 miles or so. At one point I was stuck between a walker and oncoming traffic, The Jackal saw this and took off on me, made for a good little sprint to catch him. After he left to get ready for work I did 3 more big hill repeat loops and one more 6 miler through GW and Hartman.

Sunday I didn't ride and felt like a total load. I did get in my first swim in ages late in the afternoon. I'm off and not smooth at all right now, twice a week till June and I'll be in good shape.

This morning I over-slept once again so riding to work was foiled. I never over-sleep, baby must be getting to me. I ran for 30 minutes and then showered and went to work.
Plan for tomorrow is big miles in the AM before work and the forcasted rain. Low tonight is forcasted at 52 so the morning should be nice. Up at 5:00am and a big 'ol loop to work.
I have a new Trans-Iowa product to test out, I will review in a couple of days.


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