Tuesday, May 31, 2005


5 More Days

and it's on! First Tri of the year and yes I'm very excited. I ran the race through my head a dozen times last night while trying to fall asleep. Swim start, T1, the bike, T2 and the run. I have it all planned. Weather may be a question as now they are calling for rain Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Overall weather was good this past Memorial day weekend. Got some good training in. Saturday was builder brick that I felt very sluggish on. Started on the bike for 60 minutes divided into 3 sections. 20min in Z2, 20min in Z4, and 20min in Z5. Following the bike I hit the run for 5min Z1, 5min Z2, 5min Z4, and 3 min Z1. I will not lie the run was not fun. Lungs were my big issue, legs felt fine but I just couldn't get a good breathing pattern. Sunday my legs felt very snappy so I did a TT to the Family Video Store in Waterloo and back home. Legs felt really good and I am really digging my new TIME pedals. The large platform really lets you hammer with out the fear of clicking out. Yesterday was a good tempo run, so I feel good heading into next Sunday's race. My plan for the rest of the week is to run/bike every other day with no days of complete rest. My body responds better that way. If I take a day off it takes two workouts to bring life back to the legs.

Hope everyone has a good first week of June, hopefully summer is finally here.
ED Out!

good luck on your training this week building up the race, look forward to the race details.
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