Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Catching up

I know I haven’t posted for a few days. I usually post at work
because I consider that “free time” in my busy schedule.
Saturday we had a grad party to attend in West Liberty so the family went shopping at Coral Ridge Mall, home of the largest Scheels in Iowa. The cycling community is much stronger in the Iowa City / Cedar Rapids area so they have several bling, bling bikes.
Like (insert drum roll) the Trek Madone 5.9 Lance Armstrong Special Edition with 24 carat gold leaf decals. It’s ok if you are drooling on your keyboard right now, I am.
Price…….$10,000. And there’s your reality check.

I also checked out the Tri bikes. They had 2 QR models (not impressed) and the Cervelo Trueno (not impressed). Too many corners cut in the wrong places on these bikes to keep the price down. All of them had cheap seats and the QR’s didn’t have any adjustability on the aero bars. It would be difficult to get the proper fit on these bikes, and fit is everything. I’ll stick to my Slingshot thank you.

OLN was bringing it on Sunday. Kayaks, mounting climbing, Greg Lemond, Lance, and Tour of Italy. That was enough to make me restless.

As everyone in the Cedar Valley knows the weather has been off and on for the last month or so, very frustrating. Late Sunday evening the clouds finally broke, sun came out and the winds died down. Katie took one look at me and said get out of here. Whooopeeeeee! I hit the eleven double oh for a paved trail ride into the greenbelt, then a 20-minute trail run on one of my favorite loops. Apparently nobody else likes my loop because it is becoming over grown quickly. I need to borrow Ted’s Grim Wreeper stick and do some maintaince. After the run I hammered on my ride home and then cooled off for 12 minutes. The whole workout felt really good. If I can stay on a schedule for the next 3 weeks I’ll do well at Pigman.

I have a 50-mile road ride planned on Saturday AM with Kelly, hopefully the weather is good. Anyone else care to join in?

That’s enough blabber for today.
Ed Out!

Hey Jeff

What time are you thinking of getting started? May not have the time for 50 miles but may be able to join you for some of it.
Not sure what time we are heading out yet. I will know the details by Thursday night and post the times and route.
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