Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Hey Driver, let's roll

movie star
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Yes, I'm already driving Ainsley around like Miss Daisy. Been very busy last few days. Saturday AM was 50 mile ride with Kelly through New Hartford, Shell Rock, Finchford, and then to CF. I felt very sluggish the whole ride but I got through it. I then finished with a 25 minute run that included some hill repeats through Adam's trail.
Sunday the legs felt awsome and I did a 35 minute negitive split run on the half miles. This also felt very good.
Monday night was a 40 minute fartlik around Hudson. (yes that reads fart) 3 really good days of training and I'm starting to feel good about Pigman Sprint. A couple more swim sessions and that will also be pretty solid. The swim is only 8 minutes of a hour plus race. Weather is turning around so get out and train hard.
Enough for now.
Ed Out!

That picture is just plain wrong.
Eduardo, i'll get your wheels out to you pronto. so next week. i'm flying to the dirty south for Ears wedding.
That sounds fantastic! I will be watching. Have fun in SC.
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