Wednesday, May 11, 2005


No Title, Why do I need a Title

Random again.

I don’t feel like forming a complete sentence, let alone a paragraph.

I don’t like rainy weather.

I have a big itch to race right now. Anything…. Trail Run, 5k, TT, Mtb, I just want to go
Out and hammer on something.

2006 Trans-Iowa????? I need a cross bike! Donations?

I wonder when I will compete in my first IronMan? I would need a lot of time to train.

In the next few weeks I want to ride the CV Nature Trail to CR in the early morning.
Any takers? Ooooooh maybe on the Single Speed.

A leg massage would feel really good right now. Maybe I should hook that up.

I wonder if I will be able to race with Dirtram this year? I would love to do Xterra but
It just won’t work this year.

Balancing work, family, training, and racing sucks. I would like to win the lottery.
Is that too much to ask?

Mainly Lou’s has lot’s o’ pasta for little dough.

Rollanda is going on a major diet, probably tonight. Pictures to come.

Ted says Ulrich is in great shape, I must get out there soon.

I need to ride Volga, Ted says it's a 15 mile lap. No getting dizzy there.

Races I want to do……
Endurance Mtb races
Trail Runs
Adventure Races……. I need to rename my blog to Multisport Jeff.

If you would have told me that I would enjoy these sports this much when I was in
High School I would have said you were nuts.

Ok, I’ll leave everyone alone.
Random Ed Out

Hey Jeff

Where is Volga?
Volga is a HUGE park between Fayette and West Union. Back in the day they hosted MTB races. Ted says the MTB loop is 15 miles and has some speedy downhills. They also have a huge lake. I kind of want to go to recon an offroad DU or TRI there.
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