Thursday, May 05, 2005



Yea, that's what happened to me at the TT last night. 28min and some change, OUCH. I rode the Slingshot in on the newly paved Hwy 63 trail which is very nice. Si-yo-nira to Ho-Chi-Min trail, I will only ride this disaster of hard surface when Clay comes to town. Met up with the Jackal ( at the TT, hung out for a bit and then it was go time. My goal was to hammer the entire 10 miles. I lauched off the start and was feeling really, really good. After about 4 minutes I was only 10 seconds behind the rider in front of me, I pushed a little harder and then it happened, calf cramps. Locked me up the rest of the race, my out split was actually better than my in split. After the race I headed off for a run that was pure pain. Oh well, do you think a triathlon isn't painful?? The one good thing about the TT was I pegged my heartrate from the start and I didn't have any problems dealing with it. I even saw 170bpm.....Me 170!!!

So, I have a base line for the next 4 weeks of race prep. I know what I need to do to meet my goals. My base training is far better than last year, now it's time to work on speed. I'll be alright come June 5th.
Good luck to Mr. 24 this weekend.
Have a great day!
Ed Out!

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