Monday, May 09, 2005


Weekend Review

Hello all, sorry for the lack of posting. I posted on Friday but our server at work was buggin’ out and I couldn’t up load. I hate that, write for 15 minutes and then it’s gone.

Anyway, Friday morning was wonderful. Left the house at 5:15am on the eleven double O headed to Peet Jr. High for a swim. I love swimming in the morning but I don’t get to do it very often. After the swim I rode to work, showered and slaved away for 9 hours. Ok, I didn’t really “slave” I worked a little and surfed the net looking for a deal on Look Pedals. (shhhhh, don’t tell anyone!) After work I rode home, into the wind for some good training and then called it a day.

Saturday was super busy. Hudson had their annual garage sale around town so all the freaks were out looking for deals on useless crap. My cousin Nikki and her family stopped to see Ainsley; nobody wants to see Katie or me anymore! Nikki’s husband Ross is a Cat 4 road racer so we have things to talk about which is cool. I did a ton of yard work in the afternoon, then Saturday night another cousin had a grad party than we attended.

Sunday was Mother’s day so we took things pretty easy and did little to nothing. It’s good to have a day like that every now and then.

Now we are to Monday. Katie wants to work from home tonight so I’m on Ainsley patrol until 9:00 or so. I’ll probably head out for a run before the day is over. My legs finally feel normal after the cramping last Wednesday at the TT. I’m going to double check some measurements on the Slingshot and make sure it matches the Trek. It’s odd for my calves to cramp unless something on the bike is off.

Congrats to Mr. 24 ( on his 2nd place finish this weekend.

Hope everyone has a great week.
Ed Out

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