Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Who's reading this???

Ok foos, time to come out of the closet. Who's reading my blog, any runners or Triathletes? I have a couple of reasons for asking.

#1 - Looking to get a group together to run about once a week. Trail runs, pavement runs, tempo runs, fartlik runs. It's just more fun when others are involved.

#2 - Same goes for cycling and brick workouts. More people that are around the harder you push and the faster you get! Anyone up for Saturday AM rides?? You don't have to be a Tri-greek. I get along with most everybody, and don't worry about being fast on the run or bike, I'm not!

#3 - Seeing if there is interest in an Endurance Club. Anybody that likes pain and likes to go long.
Adventure Racers
You know, fun outdoors stuff.

Hey Ted - what do you think about a 12 hour race at Volga? Would the course be hard enough?

Ok enough, I'm done, have a great day!

Doode! I em nut schoe-wah ef I em reedun' cuz lie-yuk Imma nut 2 smert!

Ah! Volga 12? Well, that course is a 15 mile loop, and when we did the expert race, we had them do 3 laps, which I'm thinking took at least 2.5 to three hours for the winner to do. That was at a lung searing, crazy pace! At least 3 really good climbs. It's wide open double track, with some REALLY bad sand traps in parts! Yeah, It'd be good, but I'd want Mr.24's opinion on it too. Still want to check that out? We could probably hit it up real early some weekend day, way before the "horse people" show up. Re-con? Only downer is there is NO amenities! NO water! NO toilets! Nuthin!
Here is an idea...
There is a 24 hour running event, similar to a mnt bike event, but it's running out in Boulder, CO! Maybe something like that! Maybe only do a 12 hour event instead. Run it through the dirt and paved trails in and around GW and Hartman. Set up categories....2 man or 4 man. A relay of sorts.
You need to do something different to gain the attention and sponsors.
That's an idea. I had thought about that type of event but I'm not sure how that would go down. We do get a large turn out for the 1/2 marathons. Not sure how boring running the same loop over and over would be. Start at midnight, that would be cool. I'll have to put some thought to this. This type of event will also be heavy on the volunteer help.
The running event sounds cool.

Anything to keep running interesting is a good idea. Why do you think so many runners take up tris, duathlons, cycling, mtn. biking, adventure racing...

Running the same loop wouldn't be bad if it were long enough, but I tend to think running through the suburbs is torture.
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