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2005 Pigman Sprint in the Books

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Sorry for the delay on the race report. The 2005 Pigman Sprint is done. I didn't hit my time goal for the race but I am happy with my finishing time and the race overall. Saturday night had me wondering if we would even race as it rained cats and dogs and the wind blew through Iowa, but come 4:30am wake up all was clear. I was at the race about 6:10, unloaded, checked in, set up transition and went for a little run. My legs felt pretty spunky so I was ready to roll. Got the wet suit on and headed to the water for some swimming in the 69 degree water. (69 degrees my ass! Maybe 66) A little after 8:00 my swim wave was off. It was normal kick, grab, bite, and scrap for a good lane. This usually calms down after about 150 meters, but not today! There were about 8 of us that seemed to swim in the same group the whole race so I never got real comfortable on the swim. Out of the water for the 1/4 mile run to T1. Katie later informed me that someone ralfed right where we were running, nice!
T1 went well and I was off to battle the wind on the bike. The wind was at our face into Palo but it wasn't too bad and I was feeling good, passing people and only getting passed once by someone in my class. After the loop through town we had the wind at our back and it was time to fly. Big ring and hauling ass till the next turn back into the wind and up a hill, OUCH! I could see everyone struggling, I just kept spinning and hammered it out till T2.
Off on the run where it just took too long for me to settle in, I didn't feel good till the 1.5 mile mark. I didn't have any leg pain or cramps (YEA!)it just took that long for the legs to adjust. Finished the race 1 minute faster than last year and in harder conditions. I was 11 out of 42 in my class and top 20% in overall results, both improvements from last year.
On the plus side - I feel really good, no leg pain, shoulders are a little sore.
Fueling was right on! No bonk, no lack of energy and no stomach pain.
Bike felt great, nice and smooth.
Transitions when just as planned, very happy.
I'm on the right track and I have 5 weeks to get ready for the hilly course at Cornman. I been taking bricks out of the wall, now it's time to bust it down! Expect to see me doing several hill repeats at Lookout Park over the next few weeks.
Thanks for checking in everyone!

Nice report Jeff - well done, top 20% is a good showing. May see you at lookout over the next few weeks.

Nice Job Ed!! Good to see all of your hard work paying off. Working many hours, new kid in the family and still improving your results. SWEET!!

Keep it up.
Is the Monkey gone now? Is it safe to post again? That was scary!

Great report! Good to see you made progress, despite taking part in that lunacy that was Trans Iowa. What are those guys thinking anyway? Trans- schmans! Ha ha!
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