Wednesday, June 29, 2005



That is the only way to describe my sweat fest workout last night. Didn't get started till after 9:00 and I didn't feel like hooking up lights on the bike so I set up the trainer in the garage. "Why the garage?" Katie asked me. Well, it just didn't seem right to train in the AC and race in the heat, and boy was it hot. Within 10 minutes the floor under the bike as damp and after 45 minutes I had created a small pond, Nasty! Note to all riders, WIPE DOWN YOUR BIKE after a session like this. I have seen bikes at the shop with headsets that are rusted out from the salt in your sweat. After the spin I headed outside for a 1 mile run around the nieghborhood. First half mile fast and the second as a cool down. I have been working on running hard right after the bike hoping that my legs will settle in earlier on the run during a race.
Not too much else going on. Everyone do an anti-race dance today, the rivers and creeks need some time to go down.

ED Out!

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