Saturday, June 11, 2005


How do you recover?

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I enjoy a BIG smoothie! Here is my most common mix. Why do I need a big smoothie this morning? Because I had my ass kicked by Jeff Kerkove and Lookout hill. 12 reps on the bike and 4 reps on the run, plus a trip on the Dirty Dirtram Euro Crit run course. OUCH! JK busted out at least 20 reps, he's the man!
This hill workout is just one of many I will complete in preperation for my Next Tri. Cornman Tri in Gladbrook Iowa. Last year I was rockin' out in 2nd place till the hill of death hit on the run and WHAM, I was shot back to a 5th place finish. Not this time kids, Hill of Death - You're mine!

ED Out!

Eduardo, i'm partial to endurox r4, but twirl it w/ the oj instead of plain agua. what you're cooking up looks like my evening meal. wheels w/ hopefully see your door on monday. there's a surprise inside, just like a box of Cap'n Crunch.
on the hill workouts, man do i love euro crit w/ a down adam's and a up lookout. hit that circuit 4 or 5x and you're well done.
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