Friday, June 03, 2005


T minus 48 hours.

Whooo-Hooo. Let's race man! Yes, I'm very excited about Sunday's race. I really feel prepared for this race and I can't wait to see how low I can go. Everything is set, no last minute changes on the bike, clothing, shoes, or fuel. Everything is dialed in and ready to rock.
This will be my 3 time on this course so I feel I have a good game plan for the race. Here is the plan.
Swim = nice and steady 8:00-8:30 range.
Sprint to T1 while removing the wetsuit- NO jogging!!!!!! (time saver)
Helmet, race #, and shoes on - NO Socks (time saver) And out on the bike. Attack the hills and stay smooth on the flats turning a big gear at a low cadence. Pretend that every rider ahead of you is in your age class and you must destroy them.
T2 - have my feet out of the shoes, sprint into T2, Helmet off, running shoes on and gone!
Run like I'm being chased by a flying monkey from the Wizard of Oz.
Done - 1:17:00 or less and I'll be happy.

Last night I had a nice workout consisting of 40min of turning a big gear on the bike and then a 10 minute run, legs and lungs felt fantastic. Right now I'm stuffing my face with some veggie low mein and tonight I have a massage, oooooooh that will feel good. Saturday will be a light spin and easy run before Sunday. JY will be racing in Swisher Sunday AM, maybe after the Tri I can check that out. TTFN


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