Tuesday, July 26, 2005


On a Roll

Hey, blogging two days in a row, CRAZY!!! Just checking in as I take a break from meetings, slam a red bull and eats some veggie food. A mostly rainy day here in the Cedar Valley, that's ok my lawn had a nice green/brown camo look going on and needed some H2O. Temps have cooled to below 70 degrees, feels great after highs in the mid 90's. Yesterday was a day off from training which was good. I was at work from 7:00-4:30 and then at the shop from 5:00-11:30.
That makes for a long day. Tonight I have to sneak in a 25 min run and some time in the weight room, shouldn't be a problem. Remember, if you go on RAGBRAI don't have tent sex under a tree, it may cost you your life!

ED, Done!

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