Friday, July 08, 2005


Race Ready??

Just about. Sunday marks race #2 for my season. Cornman Sprint Triathon ( at Union Grove State Park just outside of Gladbrook, Iowa. Early in the week my excitement for this race was pretty low, work and other outside factors have been reducing training time. But, I have had a really good week of training and I’m feeling up to the challenge. I expect to lower my time from last year and hopefully improve my placement in the final standings, last year I placed 5th in my class. This will be my 3rd time on the course so I know my game plan. If anyone has read some earlier posts I have mentioned the “Hill of Death” that is part of this race. You hit this hill on both the bike and the run. It’s hard to describe the hill, not very long but really steep, so steep I’ve see people walk the bike up it! I have done hill repeats and the euro crit to prepare for this; I believe it will pay off.

Race Plan –
Swim – Start on the far right of the swim start line. Clay and Kelly know why, it’s shorter!!!! Stay steady on the swim; don’t get kicked in the teeth and bust butt to T1.
Same plan for the transition here as Pigman, don’t waste anytime and get to the bike.

Bike – The start of the bike leg is inside the park and has lots of little rollers (this is also the end of the run leg). The plan is to stay in a low gear and spin to wake up the legs. Outside the park it’s go time, crank it up and get comfortable. The turnaround is a block-by-block loop through the town of Gladbrook. The roads are really rough and the pace slows down considerably. Then we take the same route back to the park.

Run – Ha, the run. Well the first ¾ mile is mainly down hill, then the Hill of Death hits. After that it is little rollers to finish.

Everything should go well, I’ll have a race report on Sunday afternoon.

don't share that swim start tech w/ to many people. it's the best way to knock 5-10 yards off the swim. hey fish, let me draft off ya!
beat that hill into submission. it ain't so tough. short strides up, glide down.
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