Wednesday, July 13, 2005



Nothing exciting going on so here are a few thoughts.

We had a fire call Sunday for a vehicle fire. One firefighter had started another firefighters truck on fire. I was laughing so hard at the scene I could hardly help them.

I saw a female cyclist on the trials the other day riding a KHS single speed. I was impressed.

Sights of the Tour – Here is the picture. Car on the left of the bike, mechanic hanging out of the car window reaching over a rotating wheel and trying to adjust the rear derailleur. HOLLY DANGEROUS BATMAN.

Speaking for dangerous, did anyone hear about the Nitric Acid spill at Bossard? Yea, that’s where I work. Lactic acid bad, nitric acid also bad!

I purchased some new running shoes, Adidas, I like them so far.

15-mile ride to get in sometime today. Looks like it will be tonight after I get done working at the shop. Bust out the lights!!

Big weekend in the Hudson area coming up. Firemen dance Friday night, Fireworks on Saturday and water-ball fights on Sunday afternoon.

Iowa games are this weekend, good luck to all who are participating.

I have run out of topics, Ed out!

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