Sunday, July 03, 2005


Something smells fishy???

Wait, that would be the Cedar River that now runs through ditches and farm fields througout Blackhawk County. Ok, enough about fish. I did almost nothing yesterday. I was going to borrow a fellow firefighters skid loader and do some more damage in the back yard but he could not get it to run, Bummer. That kind of threw my morning plans out the window, so I just did little odds and ends and watched to Tour. Lance catching Jan was awsome, what a kick in the junk. Mr 24 ( was going for a spin at 6:00 so I decided to ride with. Went to Lookout park early to do a Euro Crit run. Everything was good till I hit upper Hartman. The trails were over grown with poision ivy and after hitting two trails and having to double back I gave up and just ran back to Lookout Park. This made me a bit late for the ride but being the nice guy that Jeff is he was still waiting for me. We did the Finchford, Janesville, Cedar Falls loop. This is a nice ride with flats, rollers, Lamas, Elk, Rabbits, and other animals that run in the ditches and scare the latic acid right out of you. I returned home, made a monster smoothie and called it a night. Oh, almost forgot I used the Elite product for the first time. Seems to work well. The best part is it doesn't have a sweet taste that lingers on your taste buds, it's just like drinking water.
On other notes............ Dirtram, how's Xterra training coming along? And the wheels rock, thanks again!
I hear the Jackal got to run a boy scout camp solo this weekend, hope that went well.
Anybody get buzzed by a drunk driver yet this weekend? Hope not, that's scary!


you're making me home sick w/ all the talk about Euro Crit. that was the best rainy day run workout ever! and by the sound of it you'd be running Euro A LOT w/ the weather you've been having lately.
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