Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Sometimes you feel like a nut.....

Sometimes you don't. Sunday's race was a "don't". Here's how it went down.
Kelly and I left for Union Grove State Park about 6:45am for the race. Pulled in around 7:20 and started to get ready. I felt fine, hydration was good and the weather was great. Did a little bike to warm up and I felt ok, then I swam about 200 yards and I was feeling pretty good.
Swim started and I was off. This was by far the cleanest swim I have ever done. I'm not talking about water color, I'm talking about no grab ass, arms tangled up, or other horse play. I could get 10 strokes in before I would have to sight a bouy, that was awsome. Out of the water and on to the bike where the first 2 miles were normal then I hit hill of death for a granny gear grind. My heart rate went through the roof and I struggled for the next 4 miles to get it back down. Did the turn in town and then headed back for the park into the headwinds. My breathing was off, my legs felt heavy and I had already sucked down a water bottle. This was not good, I usually get through the entire bike leg with only one bottle. I finished the bike leg and came into T2 somewhat defeated, I knew today was not going to be my day.
I started the run and knew right away I was going to fight heavy legs and a stomach full of water. I got up the Hill of Death without walking and finished the race watching people twice my age pass me, I was upset but couldn't do anything about it. Finished at 1:21:00 and my mile splits were over 8:30, Damn that's slow.
On a much brighter note my cousin Kelly busted out another great performance finishing 4th out of 25 in his class, that's awsome keep it up!

So, time to look forward and fix what is wrong. So what's wrong I asked??? Simple, lack of consistant training. I got what I deserved in this race. Garbage in, garbage out right!! So I have decided to pass on Big Creek this year and do CyTri on August 28 and the Tri-Hawk on September 18. I found some training programs on the net and I have set up a 9 week program that will conclude with the Tri-Hawk race. I must stay with the program. Today was a 20 min run and some weights this morning. Day one complete, and on the road to success. I will give daily updates on the training, and if I don't, call me out. Say, whassssup yo - you like finishing in the back of the pack?? hehe.

OK, ED out............. Try to avoid swamp ass today, conditions are perfect!

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