Monday, July 25, 2005


Where to Start

I guess I can start at last weekend. Hudson days was a good time. Fireman’s dance went well and the parade on Saturday was fun. It was Ainsley’s first ride on a fire truck and she had a blast. Katie even made her a little Hudson Firefighter in Training shirt. Sunday’s water-ball fights didn’t go so well for the locals. We had 9 teams and none of us placed. Maybe cause there were 3 former State champs there!

Monday I woke up with a head cold and could not shake it, so being dumb I went on a 20-mile bike ride that night and made it worse. Went to sleep and at 1:42am my pager goes off for a garage fire out on Shrock Rd. I spring out of bed, get some clothes on, put my contacts in and race to the station. When we arrived at the fire there was a 2 stall detached garage throwing flames. Fire was hot enough to melt the siding off the house and another garage. This was a first for me, usually the heat will wrinkle the siding, but this time it melted like hot taffy. Needless to say this didn’t help me to rid my body of my cold. We didn’t get home 5:00. A quick nap and it was off to work.

By Friday I was over my cold and training is back on track. I’m tired but I feel pretty good. Work has been kicking my ass; I’m spending 20+ hours a week in meetings and still expected to take care of my normal day to day duties, lovely! Not to help matters the shop has more work on the schedule now than ever before, so that’s taking another 3 nights a week from me. It will slow down soon, I hope!!!

I heard this guy named Lance won some bike ride for like the seventh time in row. I guess this is some big deal or something, I don’t get it, I won RAGBRAI like 9 times in a row and nobody made a big deal out of it. PS, look for Lance to compete in a Triathlon near you!!

Ok, better go. I’ll do my best to update more often this week but no promises.

Shit, I tried to win RAGBRAI once, but was defeated because of ice cream, pork chops, beer, cotton candy, tent sex, fried pickles, slip-n-slides, aero bar carnage, beer bongs, cigars, watermellon, swamp ass, falling into pot-o-let, and flat tires. I will try again some other year when i am fully recovered and am wearing a RAGBRAI team issue kit full time.
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