Sunday, August 07, 2005


3 hours in 30 minutes

Headed off on the Rockhopper tonight for some trail, gravel, and dirt. Plan was to get out for about 3 hours and see how the ankle was doing. Ankle was fine and I was riding through the Greenbelt and bang, I smoked my chain. Lost a pin and really tore up the link. Then all the flying creatures in the area sent out there little code. I goes something like buzzzzz, buz, buz, buz, buzzzzz, buzzzzzzzzz, buzz. Translate that to supper at 8 o'clock moving at less than 3mph. If I don't have West Nile now, I'll never get it. Katie was a peach and picked me up and took me home.....ride over. On a good note the ankle is healing well, swimming and cycling are pain free. I may jog for 10 minutes or so tomorrow morning, I don't want to push it and still be injured for the Tri-Hawks race.
On other notes, Pigman Sprint got some press time in this months Triathlete Mag. Nice little write up and a couple of pics. Well, better get some sleep for tomorrow AM's workout.

ED out!

Eduaaardo. what's shakin'? good to hear the ankle bone's still connected to the shin bone. trigeeks can handle the rock no matter what the nay sayers throw out there.
i'll have to go out and buy that triathlete mag. for some odd reason they stopped sending it to me. bastards!
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