Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Choose your x-training carefully.

Ok, so it looks like I'm on weekly updates which sucks. I'm just too damn busy right now! So, I've been getting in my workouts for the most part and Sunday I had the itch to play some basketball. Luky for me a group plays Sunday night's in Hudson so I checked it out. Played like 6 games in a row, feeling great and playing well when it happened. I did my best Shaq Daddy "get that shit outta here" impression and twisted my ankle when I landed. How you can twist an ankle when you can only jump three quarters of an inch I'll never know. I hobbled home and have been using ice and pain killers and it is healing. I may try to ride a little bit tomorrow as it is feeling pretty good now.
With this little injury I think I'm going to skip the Cyclone Tri and do the Tri-Hawks in September. I also want to do the adventure tri at the boy scout camp if that comes to life. Any news on that one Carlos??
I ran into Mr. Rob Houlihan last week, have not talked to him for quite a while. He was racing last weekend on a 4 man team at 9 mile, wonder how he did?? Speaking of racing in the land of cheese, good luck to the one and only Dirty Dirtram at the Xterra Championships this weekend.
Lot's of good luck also going out to my cusin Kelly who will be leaving for Colorado soon for a little 1/2 IM action. That's all for now, time to catch some sleep and do it all again tomorrow.


The team with the great Hooooo-la-hand took first place in their race category!!!
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