Monday, August 22, 2005


Quick Post...

Ok, I couldn't take it any more, I just got back from a run. I know, I should be taking it easy but it's killing me. It was like taking away my "Ed" time. Time just for me to decompress and enjoy the outdoors. I jogged to the fire station to lift and then I took a longer jog back home. Right ankle is 95%, left achilies pain was less thanks to rest and some bio-freeze. Hey, the make the stuff to be used, right! I'm now reading other blog's and typing mine. I'm also drinking some Powerbar performance recovery drink. I don't like it that well. It mixes like my grandparents fiber shake and looks like urine that has sat in a toliet for a day or so. If you ever lived in dorm you know what I'm talking about. Speaking of dorms classes at UNI started today. All cyclists and runners should beware of drunk college kids driving on the streets and sidewalks. Dirt trails are the only safe haven unless someone is out cooking meth, but that could happen anytime of year.
On a more positive note it sounds like everyone had a swell time at the Trek show. 29'ers seem to be all the rage which makes Mr. Ted happy. Juels has a blogsite, I would link it but it was a little to disturbing, with the monkeys and all. Kelly shaved 12 min off his 1/2IM at the Pigman, 5hours 37 min. Well done!!!!
Ok, Ed out

The monkeys are friendly. They are fully trained and no longer throw fecal matter at people
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