Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Back at it full force.

Hello everyone, I'm back and here to stay. I have made a decision to back part of my life. I have realized that it is ok to tell people "no" and make time for myself and my family. I looked back this weekend and couldn't believe how I have let the people and things most important to me slip. Katie told me the twinkle in my eyes was gone, that's not cool. Time to take that back. Ainsley is 6 months now, 6 months!! Holy Cow, and I have missed way too much of her growing up so far. Taking that back too. This year I had plans for 5 triathlons and only did 2. That's weak. I'm taking the indirect advise of the great Monkeytron and bring everything I've got to training, racing, and my life. I'm going to at least catch a couple of local 5k's this fall and set a new PR for that distance, I can and will do it.
Ok that's off my chest and it's time to rock and roll again. It's not going to be easy, nothing ever is. I know one thing, myself and my family will be happier. Thanks for reading.

Now, I have a question. I work in an office with several people and about once a week somebody brings in cookies or donuts. My question is what is the fear of taking the last cookie or donut? I see it every time. The first 11 pastries are gone in 3 minutes, but # 12 just sits there all alone, drying out to it's crusty doom.

Later everyone.

you happy hudsonian. nice to hear from you. i feel your "i'm not racing" pain. any time you want to take a trip and not race, you can crash at the White Trash Trailer Palace, and train in them thar' hills.
it's all about torturing the last cookie/doughnut. it has seen what has happened to it's brothers and sisters. it knows it fate. you cruel bastards!!
I say skip the donuts and eat a clif bar.

Glad you liked the post. More kicks to the ass coming this week.
Welcome back my good friend, I agree that it is difficult to say 'no' at times but it must be done. You must also control yourself cravings and allow that cookie/doughnut to live.

What do you bring in when it's your turn for treats?

Fruit? veggies? Start a new tradition.
Take back your life! That's it, doode! Don't be lettin' anything, or anyone dictate what's going to be the MOST important to you!

Good to see you are back at it! Very encouraging to me. It's all about the discipline, no?
Thanks for checking in guys.
Don't worry, I skip the donuts and cliff bars are ummmmm goooood.
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