Monday, September 26, 2005


Just some stuff

We have been busy the past few days but nothing too crazy to share.
Friday I went to Roots Market in CF and scored a few pounds of granola and some veggie stuff. Does anyone else think it is odd that a heath food and organic market sells beer and wine? Is this beer and wine better for you than normal store beer and wine?

Saturday marked Little Fish's (thats Ainsley) second swim class. She did great again and we took some video of her splashing around. It's really cool that she is young enough that she doesn't fear new things, she is really good in the water. We even put her under twice.
Saturday was also filled with lot's of rain but it cleared up later when Katie and I went to a friends wedding. It was a really nice wedding and the dance was fun. Yes I said the dance was fun. The family was cool and actually danced and the DJ did a nice job of getting everyone involved.

Sunday Ainsley was baptized at the Hudson Community Church. She did really well and the service was nice. Afterwards we had family over for lunch.
Just after everyone left we had a Fire Call for a car accident. It was an RV vs. a Cutlass. We had to remove one person from the car but I'm pretty sure she was ok, just a little scared.
Oh yea, it rained........all day.

That brings us to the dreaded Monday. I was actually looking forward to today because my boss is in Europe on business all week and I'm the "go to" for the department. I look at this as a good opportunity to show what I've got and see that things run smoothly. It is a challange being we are short 4 positions right now, but everyone has picked up the slack and is doing well with the added work load.

So, how about stuff more fun than work, like my new issue of Triathlete Mag came today. Big shocker it is all about Kona. I guess it's ok the whole issue is about Ironman, but because I'm not at Ironman level, nor will I be there anytime soon, this issue is a little disappointing. I prefer to read about the olympic distance guys/gals.

Tonight was a classic early fall evening so I went for a run. The air was crisp and it reminded me of my high school football game nights. I don't miss too much from high school, but those friday nights on the football field will always be with me. So feeling a little more peppy than normal I stepped it up bit to see where my pace was as I work toward a couple of late season 5k's. After 3 loops in the neighborhood I had 3.51 miles in at a 6:58pace. I'm ok with that at this point after my injuries. The best part was it felt good and nothing hurt. BONUS! As of now I'm looking at the UNI 5k on 10/15, the Grant Wheeler run on 10/22, and the Turkey Trot trail run in early November. All are 5k's and I think I can do well at them.

Time to shower and catch some sleep.

Doesn't it feel good to think about racing again?
I'm really not liking this weather... makes me feel like winter and basement time on the trainer are around the corner.... I have some workout days that require 4 hours on the trainer as part of my winter training plan... will see if that happens..
INSIDE TRAINING!! GAH! There is no reason to train inside ALL WINTER! I rode outside all last winter, and XC ski'ed. Don't set yourself up for failure by "dreading" the on-coming season. I like the change myself.
I agree with Ted, there are so many other things to do in the "off-season" to keep the body going. Perfect time for cross-training too.
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