Saturday, September 17, 2005


Saturday happenings

Fairly busy day today. Had Ainsley's Shimp Swim Class at 9:00. She loved the water, kicking, splashing, and laughing. It was a really good time. We even put her under once and it didn't bother her a bit. I think we have a little triathlete on our hands!

After class Katie started to paint the new bathroom and bedroom doors. I hung the baby gate and started to move some dirt outside. That was going well until a hydrolic seal blew on the bucket. That's never good when your are borrowing someones equipment and you break it.
So I said the hell with it and watched the UNI vs Iowa football game. Even though Iowa won I think they are in for a rough season and I think UNI will do very well.

Around 5:00 I went for a trail run in the Greenbelt. The Trails have been mowed in the last week which is good and bad. The good is the weeds stay down. The bad is they mow it about the width of a 4 lane highway and it chops up the 2 foot twigs into 4 inch long ankle rollers. So you have to be careful. The run was good and included sand, fallen walnuts (ankle rollers) twigs, and a dead raccoon. Thats right a dead raccoon right in the middle of the trail. I also met a family of 5 riding their Wal-Mart bikes out there and some old guy riding a beach comber style bike in the dirt, that got a WTF?

That's all for now, congrats to Monkeytron for his 12th place 1/2 marathon finish.

Nothing like a WTF? to make a trail run even better. Thanks for the props on my finish. 5th place and some money would have been better though. Pictures of a couple climbs will be posted in a bit.
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