Friday, September 16, 2005


Whaooo Friday!!!

Friday is here and I don't have to go anywhere for the weekend. I've been out of town for the past two weekends so I haven't been able to attend to any of the "around the house" duties.
Ainsley's 6 month pics are tonight. She's so damn cute, that cause se looks like her mommy.
Also, little Miss Ainsley has her first swimming class tomorrow morning. They call it "Shrimp Class". We get in the water with them and splash around. I'm looking forward to it, she sould be doing 100's by the following week, my little triathlete!!

Other things - hopefully my material shows up today so I can start making some stuff, fun fun.
How come most of the blog pictures are not showing up on my computer?
Yesterdays trip to the Chiropractor was interesting. Got the back and neck smashed again and then we tackled my achilies pain. Found out a couple of things - my right ankle was locked and could not move to the outside causing a bad stride. He corrected that, weird but it worked. I also have flat arches and he recomened custom inserts. They are 75 bucks so I'm not sure if I'll do it or not, but I probably should.
I ran for 30 minutes last night and I felt pretty good. Finished up with stretching and 20 mins of pilaties (sp) ab workout. Damn that is hard, gotta have a strong core though.

That's all for now, should be able to get out this weekend, maybe even a trail run.

Ed Out!

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Time for word verification.

Me and Dirtram just got done with some trail goodness. You better get out and run on those trails too
when i was running around out in the woods, one of the things that went through my head was if you had wee Miss Ainsley in the water yet. that should be a hoot. have fun.
DIE SPAMMERS!! Okay, I feel better now! the way, it's "pilates", just so you know.

New cycling product??? DO TELL!!!
I will be running before Ainsley's swim tomorrow.

I hate spammers, bastards!

Can't let the cycling product of the bag just yet, but all of you will get proto-types to try out and give feedback.
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