Wednesday, September 14, 2005


What's going on?

Busy couple of days, here is the review.
Thanks to everyone for the words of encouragement from my last post. Shows how tight our little circle of friends are, it's cool, thanks guys.
Monday was a late workout, didn't get started till after 10:00pm. Ran for 10 minutes, lifted for 25 minutes, and then ran home 15 minutes that included a cool down. Body feels pretty good, achilies is sore but there is hope (more on that in a minute).

Tuesday I went to the back cracker. I changed up the doc and I'm really glad I did. Went to Dr. Johnson here in the industrial park. He is the team doc for the UNI Rugby team and said he has several marathon runners and 5 or 6 triathletes he works with, so he knows sport injuries. He explained that there are 27 places were you can be "out of adjustment" and I was out in 10. He beat on me pretty good but I instantly felt better. As I was checking out I asked about my achilies and he said it is possible my ankle needs adjustment and would help release tension on the tendon. He could be feeding me full of shit but I say it's worth a shot. We are going to try it on tomorrow's follow up.

I ordered material today for my first proto-type cycling item. I think it's going to be a really nice improvement on an existing product. It will add some nice adjustibilty without added cost.
I hope it works out as planned.

Speaking of making things, my parents have purchased a new house in Waterloo and the shop is moving with them. There is already a building on site for the shop so that worked out nice. I will be there tonight with my dad tearing out all the old tile and sheet rock. I'm excited because the shop will only be 10 minutes from my house and it also has bike trail from their place to mine, Brilliant!!!!

Back to work.
Have a wonderful afternoon.

Good to see you back in action Jeff!
good to hear the bone crusher did right by you. hopefully he gave you some stretching/exercises to help correct the out of adjustments.
as far as the parentals homested and shop combo, that means more commute on the biccicletta, no?
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