Tuesday, September 20, 2005


While I was running....

Random thoughts that went through my head tonight as I was running.

My legs feel a little heavy.

Damn it's nice out.

Ha - they got TP'd again!

Eeeewwwww, road kill.

Why did that group of teen-agers have to drive by and yell at me, that's two nights in a row.

Can I do a 1/2 marathon in 18 days?

Monkeytron was right about the UNI homecoming 5K being on a Wednesday, must be a typo

I could eat a whole box of Snack Well mint cookies and it would only be 600 calories and 12 grams of fat, hummmmm.

That house has roughly 18 windows and light is coming from each one. They either have 1 light and no walls or the electric meter is going round and round and round.

I really want to host an adventure run in the Cedar Valley. I've been talking about it for over a year, time to shit or get off the pot.

I think I have JY and Citron Rob in on the Des Moines adventure race next year. I should make that a must for next summer.

I want a single speed MTB again.

and that was just the 13 minute run to the fire station to lift!!!

Tonights stats
13:04 - Run 144 ave hr
42:53 - Lift 114 ave hr
7:55 - Jog / walk / cool down to home 125 ave hr.
Total - 1:03:53 - 121 ave hr

Have a Great Wednesday everyone!! Ed out!!

Single speed? Did you say "Single speed"? Let's get busy on that!
Adventure race? Did you say "adventure race"?.... thinking about that one.... :)
JY - you're in, and you know it!!
Ich suche MTB
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