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The Breakout Cycling Product

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I've been talking for over a year that I wanted to get into making affordable and useful cycling related products. Today I present the first of many ideas. I'll explain it the best I can, all questions are encouraged and feedback is welcome.
Project #1 is a bike transportation rack for truck, suv, van, and wagon use. The unique feature is this rack will have mostly interchangeable parts allowing it to be used with or without the rear wheel mounted to the bike. This proto-type is made with wood but The finished product will be made from Aluminumumumunum or maybe a plastic like material called delrin, we'll have to see.
How does it work? Your front, or fork base, is made from 2 solid rods connected on the ends with end caps. End caps will have velcro on the bottom to help hold the rack in place. The end caps are held on with set screws but easily removed to add the fork bases. The bases are 4.5" x 5.5" and will have 4 through holes and one slot in the middle for fork mount adjustment. The four through holes will allow the fork base to be used as a fork base or as a bottom bracket support base. 1 design for 2 functions keeps the cost down for the consumer. Fork bases will also have set screws to keep them in place when needed. This set up will give you all the adjustment you would ever need.
The bottom bracket support would be used when you don't have room to leave the rear wheel on the bike. By adding 2 rods, a fork base, and a bottom bracket 1/4 cup mount you will be able to safely transport your bike with limited space.
I have not decided if I want the unit to be used as 2 independent "L" shaped brackets or as 1 large square unit. I have to say you will easily be able to trasport 2 bikes, 4 people and all your luggage in your suv with this set up. It will cost less than an a Thule rail mount system and your bikes will stay dry. That is pretty much it, let me know what you think and take a look and some close up pictures below.
Thanks for stopping by.

This is way cool! I suppose that you were going to mention it while you were at the shop today? Sorry, we were too busy! Anyway, I think you need to include a little gizmo that will hook the chain on one end, and a canti post or frame cross member up above. Kinda like a bungee cord, only better. This would tension the derailluer cage upwards, and away from the carpet. Also, it would keep the chain from flopping around, and possibly greasing up other stuff. Great idea! I could use this in our wagon!
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