Monday, October 31, 2005


Happy Halloween

Hershey Smiles
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Yep, holidays are better with kids. Check out my little Hershey Kiss!!! She gave out gobs of candy to the little boys and girls tonight and had a blast.
Just got back from day one of the 2006 training plan. All went well, I'm only lifting light weights. Up and down, up and down. Speaking of light, my legs feel great, they haven't felt this spunky in a long time. I hope this lasts as I plan on running in the Turkey Trot November 12th. This sounds like a really low kep romp in the woods. Those of you who enjoy the dirt and have been thinking about geting back into running,(Jackal hint hint wink wink) or maybe you want to run this event but haven't in the past, (Citron Rob), or if you are planning on coming back to the valley sometime in November, (Dirty Dirtram) keep it in mind.
That was the longest run-on sentence ever!
I also have a bloging question. With my new site I have noticed that only on select computers my entire left side bar shows up at the top of the page. On some computers it is all the way at the bottom left and looks stupid. Any ideas? How does my page look on you computer?
Ok, need sleep.

It may be a screen resolution thang yo. If I set my screen at 1024 X 768 then everything snows up fine. If I set it at 800 X 600 then all of your links and archives got to the bottom. There are ways that you can setup your template to work both ways, but I am unsure how to explain it.
looks good on my 'puter, jeff.
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