Sunday, October 09, 2005


I just want to mow the lawn!

Today is Sunday and I'm at work, yea work. Having to come in on the weekend to catch up really sucks, but what sucks more is the inventory software we use for EVERYTHING is down.
So, I really can't do a damn thing. I guess I'll blog a little bit.

Saturday I decided to mow the lawn so I go out and start and the grass just looked like I had a butter knife under the mower deck and not a sharp blade. So I turned the mower over and took a look, the blade wasn't much of a blade anymore. It had several nicks and rounded edges. So I called Sears and they had plenty of replacement blades so I went in and purchased a new one.
Got back home and couldn't get the old blade off. So I fired up the air compressor and busted out the 1/2 impact, did my best NASCAR impression and had the new blade on in 32.69 seconds. I mow the side yard and then started on the front when all of a sudden the front wheels stop turning (it's self propelled). I had smoked the belt that goes from the drive shaft to the front wheels, aghhhhhhh!!!! I said the hell with it and manually pushed the rest. Usually not a big deal but self propelled mowers don't push easy without the front wheels turned on.
After all that I had a little steam to release so I went on a 3 mile run. It was good and I felt all better when I returned.

Late afternoon we headed to Marion to see our friends Katy and Neal. Watched some football, talked, and ate pizza. It was a good night.
So far today is off to a start like yesterday, hopefully with some positive thinking I can make today a good day at home. I'm thinking about doing some more proto-type work.

Ed's out!

You need to get yourself one of those old school push mowers wothout the engine.
I always push my self propelled mower! Crazy, I know!
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