Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I'm Running in the Rain....

Just Running in the rain, what a wonderful feeling. Ok not really a wonderful feeling, it's a wet and cold feeling. I wasn't out for 2 minutes on tonights run and it started to lightly rain. Oh well, the temp was still pretty good so I continued on. 22 minute run and then some weight lifting, I felt pretty good. Now on to several little tidbits.

Mad props to Mr. 24 for throwing down in the country of the rising sun. Dude has gold in two countries!

UNI 5k is this weekend. 8:00am Saturday morning at the grass fields to the west of the UNI dome. Chad or Clay or Rob - Is this a cross country race?? I'm all for it if it is. Would you suggest normal shoes or trail shoes?
I've been having some odd feelings about the upcoming races. I have mixed feelings about racing because I'm unsure of how fast my times are going to be. I know it's just a 5k and not a big deal but I'm never happy about a race unless I'm faster than the last time I raced that distance. The last 2 5k's I did I set PR's. So does that mean I won't be happy unless I go under my last 5k time? It's just something I've been fighting in head and wondered if anyone else has ever felt this way. I know I need to get past it and just run and be glad I have the chance to race.

Sounds like Carlos da Jackal needs a spacer kit for his new single speed project. I may just have something up my sleeve for him. Wha-ah-ah-ah-aaaah

Oh, Dukes of Hazard is on!!!

I will leave you with a saying for the week, this comes from how things are going at work for the past month.

Common Sense - Something so rare should not be called common.


"I'm never happy about a race unless I'm faster than the last time I raced that distance"

I'm the same way everytime I do the road TT or the Decorah TT. It's one of those things that eats at me all the time until the race is over.

Way to set up the word verification too.
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