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I didn't see this coming. That's a first place 24-30 age group medal. Holy cow! It was a little cool this morning when I arrived at the race site. I registered and then warmed up with some jogging and streching. I wasn't sure if this was a grass or cement run. It was grass, and I didn't bring my trail shoes. That was stupid of me, but oh well. 130 racers started just after 8:00. I got off fast with the lead group and quickly settled in. The grass was wet and slick so you had to pay attention to where you were stepping. This was a two lap course with some short ups and downs. I was able to gain a few places on the hills by attacking with some quick turnover. I finished 14th out of 130 runners and 1st in my age class. Finishing time was 20:48. Slower than I had wanted but hey, I took home some hardware.

Now we are off to Heartland Farms with Ainsley to get some pumpkins. I plan on catching some football later also.

Ed out!

You rock!
Did you try to accidently trip and fall on any hot college chick runners?
Nice jobe Jeff!! Congrats!! I'll bet your trail shoes would be good for 2 or 3 more places.
Well done... glad to see you took home the gold!

I love medals, don't you?

Way to go! Motivation for ya!

( Taking notes on that pre-race meal!)
Eduardo, nice foot rolling. did you run back on the course after you finished to watch all the hungover college folk play show and tell with the contents of their stomachs as they run out of the tree/tunnel/hill? that always made me giggle like a little school girl.
I did not go back to the tree tunnel but it was pretty cool. I will probably do some training back there next year.
Nice work. Just imagine what you could have done if you would come up here for a weekend of training
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