Tuesday, October 18, 2005



Hello all, just sitting here at the shop running some parts on the CNC Lathe and thought I would check in. A little bit of this, a little bit of that going on. Fires have not really slowed down so far this week. We are having about 1 field fire a day, which is common this time of year. I heard last night during our fire training that the meth heads are now importing meth in tequilla bottles. I guess the meth crystals dissolve in water making them look like tequilla, then they evaporate the water and poof, meth!

I read on monkeytron's site that Chad likes to go for a run around 4:00am, WTF
What is everone else doing at 4:00am? I hope sleeping.

I rode the slingshot for the first time in ages last night. Yea, it was on the trainer but I ride when I can. It had been so long since my last ride my form was terrible, then again it was never good to begin with.

Grant Wheeler 5k Saturday, as of now I plan on attending.

Time to set up and run Carlos a spacer for his single speed. I'm going with food grade stainless steel in case he ever wants to eat wild trail berries off of it.

Ed Out!

Hmmm.....Tequila bottles, huh? I'll be on the lookout for that in the woods now!
The earlier you run, the earlier you recover, the sooner you can run again.
Like the fresh look of the site....
Sweet! You redid the blog!
love what you've done w/ the place.
that rug really pulls the whole room together.
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