Wednesday, November 16, 2005


3 in a row, Whaoooo

What the hell, the weather turns to crap and I start training on consistant basis. I like to be outside, not inside. What's wrong with me? So, here is a pic of the slingshot on the trainer. Both are Dirtram specials, he built the bike for me and is lending me his trainer. Thanks buddy!! After 45min easy spin at 100rpm I did the 18min gut buster known as Winson Pilates. It hurts, but how many fast athletes do you see with beer belly's....hummmmmmm?
The Jackal and I met for lunch today to discuss our 2006 endurance plans. Yes we have some water on the stove, just trying to get the burner lit and make it boil.
That's all for now, weather is crap but the training has been good.
Also, If you would like to see my last design for the bike rack I can email pics to you, I have decided not to post it. Thanks!


Where the hell is your down tube? I wouldn't ride don't look safe!

You see, I was leading a race when I got a flat. I was so pissed I threw the bike against a light pole and crushed the down tube. I then removed the crushed tube with a hacksaw and installed a valve spring from my old truck and tied it together with a piano wire. So far it has held together just fine.
Ahh! Slade, you sooo funny! Anyway, I'd take a look-see at that rack! is the addy!
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