Friday, November 25, 2005



It was cold out today. I think it was mostly the wind making in feel soooo cold. I spent most of the day around the house. Did some laundry, fixed the baby gate, cooked some food for another gathering tomorrow. We also put up the Christmas Tree. It's like a lighted magnet for Ainsley. Do they make baby gates for Christmas trees?????

After the days excitement I rode to the weight room. 10 min on the elipical, 20 min on the treadmill, and finally 2 sets of 15 on the weights. I was a good workout, I think I still have an extra 8 pounds of turkey to work off.

Tomorrow has a good chance of a outdoor ride. My dad and I are working at the new shop in the 'loo so I get to ride my bicycle there!!!!! Yeaaaaaa.

Ed out!

you should be able to make your own baby gate for the X-Mas tree dude!!!
Baby gate for the X-mas tree?
Yeah, it's called barbed wire.

OK, maybe not.
if you put the tree up on christmas eve, then take it down the day after christmas, you limit your exposure and all is good.....
We are NOT putting up the tree this year as my two year old son would destroy the thing! It can be Christmas without the tree, afterall.
get one of those bonsai size Christamas trees and elevate it.
my weight room will start monday. i've got to shrink myself a bit.
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